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Why is flirting so much fun lol?


Some interesting videos on flirting and body language
Body Language Videos

A flirtatious question for you - ever been in a social situation, at a bar or party and wondered to yourself - is he or she flirting with me?

They are sending out friendly signals but for the life of you, your radar cannot work it all out.

So how do you tell if he or she is interested in you? Understanding how the opposite sex thinks can go a long way to help things along.

Have fun with us and start learning how to charm the pants of that cute guy or girl.

The following guide provides a great start to learn the art of attracting your ideal partner.

The most interesting aspect about attracting people is understanding whether he or she is just being friendly or really being friendly - wink wink you know what I mean.

So no matter how bad you think you are, we are sure we can help you produce great results and have fun at the same time.

Is it all about body language?

Reading body language is such a favourite for our visitors, and its little wonder. A famous study by Albert Mehrabian in 1981 showed 93% of communication is through non verbal i.e body language and vocal tone.

Body Language Videos

With this in mind is it no wonder most of us want to know more about what these signals mean. It抯 a fascinating aspect to attracting the opposite sex and so easy to understand.

Despite being a popular subject, it can explain a great deal of how we communicate with each other.

Now having said that, we still tend to use some words to at least communicate ?despite the odd grunt or groan. In fact words can have such a great effect when used properly, people remember them long afterwards.

Believe us when we say it guys, girls remember the words and believe it or not they have been known to replay conversations with friends over and over and not get tired of it.

Of course that is not always the case but the point is the chosen word can be so powerful when sending out the right signals.

The key is all in the preparation.

So lets go back to that bar or party we spoke about at the start - how can we tell if they are really flirting with us? Is it possible to understand the opposite sex beyond just the superficial stuff?

How to flirt

How to flirt - What we think really works

Since 2001, our flirting courses, speed dating events and coaching have seen thousands of singles succeed.

This site is designed to be fun and educational with:

  • Flirting tips and tools to attract your ideal partner
  • All the tools from conversation starters to reading body language.
  • Conversation and body language techniques that consistently get results.

    This is also my own guide to finding your ideal partner. Whether you want tips on how to attract others or finding out if he or she is interested in you, the following courses, guides and tips are built on many years of flirting workshops, personal coaching and speed dating events.

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